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quick set of photos more finished documentation to come

"sculpture customs"

Jim McAninch was born in Los Angeles 1959. His father Milton , was an ex- bomber co- pilot who flew missions over Germany and Romania . His waist gunner was Steward Udahl. Missions included the Ploesti Oil Fields, In 1968 at ten his family moved to central Mexico for two years. He received his M.F.A at UC San Diego where he studied under David and Eleanor Antin in 1987. He lived and worked in Los Angeles in the 1990's and worked in the initial construction of Bergamot Station. He also collaborated with Cornelia Diefenbach and with Roland Schefferski - two Berlin Based artists in the 1998-2005. With Schefferski Jim did three exhibitions -One in Venice California and also in Berlin and Wroclav Poland.

Many thanks to Ed Inks for his fostering of art making and for allowing me to work at the foundry at Santa Barbara City College where these works were cast. Many thanks to Sanda Agalides for her long friendship and for the text related to this show. Sanda was a child living near the Ploesti installation during WWII.

The show is dedicated to Tom Huston 1945-2009 my friend and teacher .

a semi  designed collsion of transport, geology, table top model, and an immoral biology of consumption in flux
bronze, aluminium,wood
bodhisattva of the oil drum and the elephant
18" h x 15" w x 5" d
14" h x 6" w x 6" d
14" h x 15" w x 8" d