I am a contemporary sculptor interested in the interstice between nature and culture. I propose a "meta-traditional" sculptural practice- a fractal of the trope of cast bronze sculpture. The work is situated to function as an antipode of the globalized, digitized, and genericized descriptors of our contemporary cultural horizon. The work coalesces in a dada fluxist vein around the analog and metaphorical relations and layers of historical reference. Commercial and physical culture are re-framed as plausible objects of culture and belief.

Long Form:

The cast metal sculptures I create are shaped by two considerations:
1) An interest in the found everyday object and its
transformation through an idiosyncratic enactment of the casting process.
2) The retention of the signs or artifacts of the casting process .

The channels that conduct molten metal and venting structures remain an integral part of the sculptural object. I see this as a way to implicate ideas of context and support systems.

I find the interplay of the found object and the vestigial, custom cut-away elements of the cast object a constant inspiration. I see it as a way into exploring and propositionally reformatting limited cultural constructs. These ideological constructs include nature/culture, contemporary/archaic and globalized/undeveloped. I propose that there is a flux, interdependence and responsibility operating below the surface of the media submerged landscape of culture.
I see the casting process as having both a manufacturing and a fine art history, but in a contemporary context it has simply become a very direct way to move an object into form.

Jim McAninch Sculpture-